Ruslana Zhovnovach


The article discloses the problem of increasing competitiveness of the Ukrainian agricultural machine-building enterprises producing sowing machines in complicated economic conditions. The detailed analysis of the situation on the market of sowing equipment was carried out.

It was found that the main reasons for the decrease in production of sowing machines in Ukraine are the following: sowing areas have been reduced as a result of the complicated geopolitical situation in the country; the amount of direct foreign investment in the agro-industrial sector have been diminished due to the lower level of investment attractiveness of the agricultural complex; the government support of agricultural producers to purchase national complicated agricultural machines has been lessened; the economy has gone through general downturn, therefore, purchasing power and consumer demand decreased.

In order to solve the problem and to increase competitiveness of the Ukrainian agricultural machine-building enterprises producing sowing machines we suggested the ways to improve the state policy through the support of the national agricultural enterprises. We have also put forward procedures directed towards meeting the demands of the customers and forming their loyalty to the producers of sowing machines and their products


competitiveness; increasing competitiveness of the enterprises; agro-industrial complex; agricultural machine building; agricultural machine


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