Nataliia Vdovenko, Nataliia Korobova


The article is an attempt to realize the potential of system methodology with simultaneous shifts in standardization processes. On this basis will be consistent with the strategy for socio-economic development of Ukraine and its regions and industries, as well as appropriate programs of socio-economic development with regard to the requirements of the investment-innovative model of development of the domestic economy as a whole and its individual units. In addition there will be coordination of state regulation of agricultural sector in levels of the “center–region–area”. On these principles it will be possible to achieve close forward and backward linkages between the subjects of fisheries, aquaculture and the system of state regulation of economy. The proposal is an essential prerequisite of an optimum combination of the strengths of market and administrative levers.


methodology; agricultural sector; aquaculture; domestic economy; food safety; quality; standard; fisheries

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