Natalia Korolova, Madina Rakhimberdinova


The article analyzes and analyzes the dynamics of the development of the global advertising market, as well as the main trends in the market of advertising services inKazakhstan. It is proved that the advertising market is developing at a rapid pace, which generates innovations in the field of marketing communications. One of such new and effective tools of advertising is ambient-marketing - a modern, non-standard and creative technology. The advantages and disadvantages of ambient advertising are considered when applying it in the modern media space. The attitude of consumers to non-standard advertising means is investigated. The main values of ambient advertising are revealed, namely, creativity, ingenuity, appropriate use and decoration of the environment. The high efficiency of using the tools of ambient advertising is proved, because of its expressiveness and high degree of memorability for the buyer and motivation for the purchase.


non-standard marketing communications; ambient - marketing; media space; outdoor advertising; advertising efficiency; creative technologies; target audience; Internet advertising

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