Oleksandr Chornyi, Ruslan Briashchei


The article deals with the legal principles of counteracting threats at nuclear power facilities in Ukraine, theoretical and practical aspects of the commission of a terrorist act at NPPs. In modern realms, the phenomenon of a terrorist threat at NPPs has gained a new meaning, and its research is extremely important for eliminating theoretical differences in the scientific views on these issues and for practical counteraction to real threats of such terrorist acts.

The object of the crime has the determining theoretical, practical and cognitive value for the assessment of the social and legal nature of the crime, the severity of damage caused by such crime, the qualification of the act and the solution of many other practical issues.

Taking into account that the safety of nuclear power facilities is regulated in the Laws of Ukraine "On the Hazardous Objects", "On the Use of Nuclear Energy and Radiation Safety", "On the Fundamentals of the National Security of Ukraine", the authors conclude that terrorist acts at nuclear power facilities encroach upon the priority national interests of Ukraine.


terrorist act; NPP safety; crimes against public safety; crimes against the bases of national security of Ukraine; criminal liability; object of crime

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