Maryna Dielini


The article presents an analysis of the impact of social responsibility of business and socio-economic responsibility of entrepreneurship in particular on different social groups. The influence of socio-economic responsibility of entrepreneurship through identification of its instruments is determined. Examples of concrete practical research are given, as well as the impact of different companies on the situation in the countries where they operate. Specifics of influences in the developed and developing countries are indicated, which is explained by the level of development and the existing traditions. The role of philanthropy in developing countries and the consequences for both donors and recipients are analyzed. The role of social responsibility in improving the reputation of the company, as well as its importance for transnational corporations is indicated. It is determined that the implementation of socio-economic responsible business has a double positive effect: on employees, consumers, the community - on the one hand, and the enterprise itself - on the other


social corporate responsibility; socio-economic responsibility of entrepreneurship; social responsible investment; philanthropy; company reputation

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