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The research paper deals with peculiarities of conducting forum theatre as a method of developing conflict competency of prospective specialists in advertising and public relations. It has been found out that directing motivation and values sphere of prospective specialists in advertising and public relations to constructive conflict resolution alongside with acquiring integrated knowledge on conflictology have been provided on the preparatory phase of the forum theatre; while developing conflict skills and acquiring practical experience of constructive conflict resolution have been carried out on the realization phase. The latter has been subdivided into warm-up, action, forum, preventive information and feedback phases. Methodical provision for developing conflict competency of prospective specialists in advertising and public relations has been given including familiarization with the essence of the forum theatre; performance planning; mastering search, analysis and processing methods; scenario development; distribution of roles; mastering techniques of contemporary theatre pedagogy; participating in exercises and games for improving body language, expressing feelings and actualizing personal experience; performing character roles by spectators, expressing opinions by the third party; performing roles of a stage director, actors and spectators of the forum theatre in turn. It has been stated that conducting forum theatre in the pedagogical process of H.E.E. will promote effective communication in external and internal professional environments of prospective specialists in advertising and public relations.


forum theatre; method; developing; conflict compentency; prospective specialists in advertising and public relations

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