Kareem Aduagba Ganiyu, Kobe Hassan Ibrahim, Mohammed Ibrahim Aris, Salawu Abdulrahman Asipita


Akee apple leaves extract (AALE) was tested for inhibition of corrosion of mild steel in sulphuric acid solution using gravimetric and gasometric measurement. The corrosion of mild steel was investigated at 40-60 0C in 2M H2SO4 solution. The result of the inhibition revealed AALE efficiently delayed the dissolution of mild steel with inhibition efficiency obtained from gravimetric and gasometric at 60 0C are 72.19 % and 74.32 % at addition of 0.5 g/l concentration of AALE respectively. The increase in inhibitor (AALE) concentrations results in decrease in corrosion rate and increase in inhibition efficiency. The inhibitive adsorption parameters show the corrosion process followed the Langmuir adsorption isotherm with physical adsorption mechanism. Finally, the kinetic parameters established the corrosion process was endothermic reaction and occurred with spontaneous process.


Inhibition; Mild steel; Corrosion; Adsorption and Akee apple

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