Vyacheslav Vilkov, Sergii Rudenko, Natalia Yarmolitska


The article reveals the theoretic methodological role of paradigmal structuring of science, its value is analyzed in the historic and logical aspects to modernize philosophical and political studies as well as to optimize the educational process in these fields. The authors reveals the essence and advantages of paradigmatic approach in details. Especially those basic ideas and regulations that were developed and introduced in the structure of modern scientific knowledge and knowledge of the representatives of the Western Humanities – philosophy, sociology, political science (T. Kuhn, R. Merton, D. Easton).

On the basis of the analysis: the dominant trends of the last decades are fixed, which are common for Ukrainian philosophical and political communities; the number of topical problems and the main objectives of paradigmatic reorganization of philosophy and political science on the principles of scientism are determined; recommendations on the use of paradigmatic model both for improving their heuristic possibilities to answer the new global challenges and for ensuring the effectiveness of the teaching process of philosophy and political science disciplines in modern conditions.


paradigm; philosophy; political research; modernization; science; education


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