Nadezhda Shmygol, Olena Lyashenko


Mechanical engineering in Ukraine is one of the leading industries, and Zaporizhia region serving leader in the production of aircraft engines, power transformers, cars and other high-tech areas of production engineering. Mechanical engineering field has more than 160 enterprises. The trend of sustainable development of engineering complex Zaporizhia region observed since the beginning of this century. However, the economic crisis has significantly changed the position of the industry. The paper analyzes key indicators and trends that characterize the state of the engineering industry Zaporizhia region, the index of industrial production, the dynamics of major machinery products, the production structure, the structure of sales engineering products, the general structure of industrial production. The most significant negative trend for the last 6 years was observed in production of trucks, cars and electrical transformers. Today, the largest share in the structure of engineering products account for electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits. The largest share in the structure of sales of products with industry vehicles, trailers, and electrical equipment.

Revealed major problems in the development of engineering complex Zaporizhia region: a high level of depreciation of fixed assets, significant resource-intensive industrial processes, inefficient financial activities engineering companies, insufficient supply of skilled personnel, low levels of innovation, reducing sales and other engineering products. An immediate way out of engineering complex area of crisis, attracting foreign investment to carry out reconstruction and introduction of new production technologies, support local engineering companies at the legislative level, control over pricing and quality products industry.


industry; machine-building industry; machine-building products; industrial production index; the structure of production; the implementation structure


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