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The purpose of the paper is to substantiate approaches to the study of tourism safety and security within economics. The main tasks of research: synthesis approaches in Ukrainian and foreign science to definition of safety and security of tourism, and development of the author's definition; selection and analysis of modern directions of economic studies of safety and security of tourism in the global science; consideration of problems of tourism safety and security classification, and development of author's scheme; formulation of conclusions and outlining prospects for further research.

Results of the research showed that safety and security of tourism is an universal category that has both economic and social, and environmental essence. Safety and security of tourism combines the interests of both producers and consumers of tourism services and objects of tourism activities.

Among the common approaches to tourism safety and security analysis in global economic science the most promising is securological that has reasons for successful application in the research of safety and security of regional tourism systems. The main components of safety and security of tourism in a region in terms of securological direction have not probabilistic but continual nature.


safety and security of tourism; concept; definition; classification; structure; region


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