Vasyl Pryimak, Mariia Lutsyk


The positive and negative sides of development of information and communications technologies and society informatization are viewed in the paper. Namely the possibility of information usage in military confrontation between countries i.e. for information warfare is emphasized.

The essence of notion of information warfare is highlighted under which the authors understand war in information space of opponent country and own information space, struggle by means of information to weaken the opponent’s moral strength. The basic reason of economic benefit from such warfare execution, its aim, object, tasks, advantages and disadvantages are defined.

The peculiarities of modern Russian information warfare againstUkraineandPolandand factors favouring it are investigated, the methods, basic directions and consequences of Kremlin information attacks are analyzed. Considering that interpretation of certain events but not their notification as it used to be has become the base of modern information warfare the facts of usage of this special information struggle by the Russian ideologists for justification of its aggressive actions before their own people and world community are mentioned in the paper.

The authors’ explanation of notion state information security is provided. In the strict sense they approach to this security as to protection of available in the state information resources from unsanctioned access, copying, amendment, or destruction. Broadly, the state information security is its national security in information sphere, i.e. protection of its information space and national interests in this space as well as its and world information space filling with reliable information about the country.

The dangers and risks constituting threat for a person, society and state in the information sphere are described. The necessity of improvement of national policy ofUkraineandPolandon protection from these dangers and risks are described. The reasons decreasing efficiency of information struggle ofUkraineandPolandagainstRussiaare analyzed, the recommendations on activation of work of these countries on strengthening of their national information space, counterwork toMoscowpropaganda and delivery of truth to the international community on Russian military aggression are proposed.


information; information warfare; information space; state information security; national security; dangers in the state information sphere


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