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Modern stage of economy development is characterized by features of globalization and informatization, as result of which advantage of information and technologies at development and implementation of managerial decisions is defined for business entities. Information resources have become valuable as capital of business, movement of which provides basis for development of entrepreneurial activity and positively influences on dynamics of economic systems. Innovative decisions concerning efficiency of processing, generalization, transfer and storage of economic information that needed for management process and different users have priority value to organization of enterprise information system. Guarantee of effective functioning of entrepreneurial sector is substantiated by level of development of information and analytical provision of management, from which depends coordination of making decisions system and developing a business strategy as core competitive advantage to strengthen business position of enterprise. The essence of information summary of results of activity is actual for business sector that provide data about internal environment of enterprise with its capabilities and risks, partnership relations and compliance of concept of sustainable economic development with business. Scientific research are demanded at solving such an urgent task that cumulatively offer new decision for sphere of entrepreneurial activity, which consists in development of theoretical, methodological and practical basis of organization of information and analytical environment of enterprise, taking into account essence of post-industrial stage of economic development and best experience of world practice. Monograph by Tetiana Bochulia is actual scientific work, in which author substantiated the theoretical foundations and made suggestions concerning development of organizational and methodical aspects and practical toolkit of forming innovation-oriented development strategy of enterprise information-analytical activity. Monograph is author's work, in which sets out its own judgment regarding development of information and analytical management environment that is basis of conclusions and proposals to increasing effectiveness of information provision of sustainable development of business entities, increasing their productive result and gaining competitive advantages. Without reducing the importance of previous scientific developments, author makes proposals on adaptation of information and analytical activity of enterprise to requirements of modification of information system, development of information processes in innovation-oriented context and improvement of enterprise activity with minimizing risks and state of uncertainty. Such research is valuable for provision of sustainable development of entrepreneurship, increasing total financial contribution of business entities to economy and adapting business to conditions and requirements of information economy.

Material of monograph is presented logically, consistently, clearly, each proposal has substantiation and real complete incarnation, contains conclusions, which develop modern scientific knowledge and promote to dynamics of entrepreneurial activity. Monograph consists of three sections, in which received development of theoretical, organizational and methodological aspects of forming innovation-oriented development strategy of enterprise information-analytical activity, conclusions for each section and monograph as whole, the list of sources used.

In first section of monograph «Development of information and analytical provision of managerial innovations in enterprise system» order of forming scenario cards of sustainable enterprise development is considered; constructive attributes of modernizing information and analytical provision of management an enterprise are defined; concepts information development of enterprise management system are characterized; priority directions of intellectualization at development of information and analytical provision of management an enterprise are defined; information and analytical provision of modification management process enterprise is developed. Scenarios of development enterprise according to temporal and spatial context of its activity are developed in section that contributes to assessment advantages and disadvantages of option selected management scenario, elements of which are updated and modified according to actual conditions of internal and external environment of enterprise activity. Strategies of forming enterprise information system are characterized that allowed to determine optimal direction of development of information processes with provision of qualitative parameters of information for making decisions. Matrix of information system modernization in conditions of impact of risky syndrome was constructed that allowed to identify most essential risks factors, determine weight of each in modernization scenarios, minimize inconsistency and uncertainty of managerial decisions concerning changes, transformations, activation in information environment. Constructive attributes of systems of information provision of internal and external economic environment are defined for provision of algorithm identification of requests with monitoring of database for consideration of possibility of their satisfaction, condition of existing information resources, their correspondence to temporal context, determining amount of data, which are necessary to additionally generate with evaluation of necessary time and financial costs. Architectonics making managerial decision was constructed based on compositional thinking that is implemented in professional judgment and makes leading impact on process of interpreting information according to previous evaluations and monitoring of enterprise activity and its partnerships with economic entities and external economic environment. Graphic interpretation of accounting and analytical provision of managing an enterprise are made with implementation of «effect data» that is designated on modification of information process taking into account development and dissemination of technological innovations and scientific and intellectual resources.

Material of first section of monograph contains interesting innovative proposals that collectively solve actual question concerning development of information and analytical provision of managerial innovations in enterprise system.

In second section «Progressivity of information and technology innovations of development of enterprise management system» development of information and analytical provision of management was carried out on basis of system-competent approach to organization of information environment, technological development of information component of integrated system of enterprise and organizational and technological basis of database integration. Core competencies of enterprise on the basis of values, conditions, features, properties guidelines of environment are classified. Map of management competencies that is determining of most optimal option according to the time and spatial context of enterprise environment is suggested. A number of recommendations concerning technological upgrading foundation of modernization of information and analytic provision of managing an enterprise are elaborated. Technological approach to the modeling of information provision of business management is substantiated. Actualizing information and analytic provision of managing an enterprise been carried in developed flexible information system that is organized as internal network structure. Technological foundation of information and analytical process enterprise to modernize been considered based on modern tools of information and communication decisions. Theoretical research is made and decision of actual scientific problem accordance of methodological and organizational principles of information environment to theoretical and methodological aspects technologizing of economic and information systems development through development of proposals concerning modification technologies of formation and update of data.

In third section «Organizational basis for development of effectiveness of information and analytical provision of management» priority direction of improvement of information and analytical provision of management on basis of minimization of cognitive distortions and construction of innovative model of increasing efficiency of information processes is defined. The essence of cognitive distortions is defined that is reason for formation of inefficient information models as undeveloped templates of processing and transmission of information for making decisions. Classification of cognitive distortions was made with definition of their impact on information and analytical provision of management. Four-level model of evaluation effectiveness of information is constructed, on the basis of which degree of information provision for task execution and make decision is evaluated. Risk management policy in information provision of management is developed that is based on implementation of preliminary impact on factors of their occurrence and contributes to prediction of probable risks, effective impact on them through synthesis of evaluation results, on basis of which decisions are made concerning necessary measures for their avoidance and (or) minimization with control of implementation of these measures and assessment of their effectiveness.

Material of section has innovative character in attracting to informational process non-traditional factors and instruments, importance of which is manifested indirectly at provision of development of entrepreneurial activity and increasing value of business.

Material of monograph is set out in detail, concisely, clearly, in logical sequence main results, conclusions and suggestions received by author as result of scientific research that allows us to positively evaluate proposed decisions and formulated recommendations for development of information and analytical provision of management and practice in conduct of economic activity. Monograph is actual and will useful for wide range of readers, including leading scientists, experts in field of management and making decisions, business management system, young scientists and all interested persons.

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