Liliya Korchevska


The development of the dairy industry of Ukraine in the context of food security is analyzed in the article. The place of the dairy industry in the structure of the food industry is defined. The forecast growth in global demand for food products is studied. The sales of dairy products and milk production volume by all kinds of Ukrainian households are analyzed. The average base price of milk sales in the Ukraine and its purchase price are considered. The map of dairy companies on volumes of milk processing have been shown. The dynamics of the volume of production of basic dairy products is analyzed.
The consumption of milk and dairy products per capita. It is significantly reduced, which is associated with a reduction solvency of the population and the increase of the prices for the products is studied. The average value of price index the FAO for food and milk is considered. The export and import of the dairy industry are analyzed. The problems of ensuring the economic security of the dairy industry of Ukraine are studied and directions to improve its level are suggested.


economic seсurity; enterprise; dairy industry; food seсurity; milk and dairy products


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