Tetyana Kalna-Dubinyuk, Olena Shapoval, Maryna Hnidan, Oksana Bass


The article dedicated to results of information technologies using in the extension service in conditions of market system globalization and euro integration. Presented consulting activities extension services in the rabbit, shows the use of interactive consulting systems and innovative software for keeping livestock and breeding disclosed features information and consulting technologies in the development of rural tourism and prospects for future research.

       The main purpose of the article is to determine the current approaches to the use of technology in consulting activities of extension services in conditions of dynamic changes in the agricultural market environment and challenges of globalization and European economies. In order to solve a problem it is revealed the role of information technology in the extension, analyzed the current state of advisory consulting services, justified  the application areas of information technology Extension and their further development. Determination electronic extension as interactive information and consulting system  that helps advisers  to solve urgent problems in real time, is an innovative approach in the development of information technology with further ample opportunities of its application.


globalization; eurointegration; information technology; electronic extension services; market system


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